The mattress and the sommier/bed are the most used in your live and that most influence your quality of life...

Take care of them properly:

Your mattress should aerate constantly, to eliminate any moisture from sweating. Aerate your mattress every morning.

To clean your mattress or sommier/ bed, use only a damp cloth, protecting the electrical mechanisms.

It's recommended to use a waterproof protector to safeguard the appearance of spots.

For proper maintenance, the mattress should be turned and rotated once a month to preserve possible decreases from the layers of comfort, thereby ensuring greater durability.

Mattress with system ONE SIDE only should be rotated once a month, because they don't need to be turned.

Mattresses and sommiers/ beds must be positioned on a firm, regular and a good condition place.

Make sure your mattress is fully supported on your sommier/ bed.

Don't walk or jump on the mattress or sommier/ bed, can deform your structure internal.

Don't place heavy or spiked directly on the surface of your product.

During transport, installation or use must never bend the mattress or cause a strong impact with the base or mattress, to avoid distortions in its structure; this act can put in question the proper functioning of the product.

The mattress or sommier/sommier should not be exposed to direct sunlight, since they damage tissues and fillers.



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