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Tip 1: Mattress – The mattress is the equipment of rest that allows your body to relax and recuperate energies. You should try your mattress and verify what level of firmness and comfort you prefer. This should be firm enough to sustain the body and confortable to follow the natural curve of your spine, relieving the pressure. The mattress should be sustained by a proper bed/sommier and protected by a waterproof protector.

Tip 2:  Headboard – The headboard and the bed/sommier are key elements for a sleep smoothly. These should be appropriate the mattress, to support and maintain hygienic the mattress and to avoid noise when you moves. The headbords and the sommier/bed frames are stables, practical, breathable and moderns, making them an essential room decoration element.

Tip 3:  Pillow – We all have our preferred position for sleeping: each position requires different supports and the choice of the pillow should therefore accommodate the way you like to sleep. We advise that you must choose pillows of medium height, so that the neck remains aligned at the same level of the spine. The pillow of medium firmness ate the most indicated to the neck muscles can relax.

Tip 4: Illumination – The lighting disturbs the sleep. We recommend  that you create an atmosphere as dark as possible, running curtains or blinds.

Tip 5:  Storage – The disorganization in the bedroom can disturb the sleep, so we advise that you keep your room tidy as possible, as well as drawers, the bookcases and the cabinets.

Tip 6: Temperature – Maintain the body temperature is essential for a comfortable rest. For a great comfort we recommend we recommend that you use a light and thermo-regulator eiderdown, so you cam move easily and sleep continously, without waking up with cold or heat. The room temperature should also be enjoyable.

Tip 7:  Dehumidifier  -  Sleeping in a high humidity environment can influence the sleep. We recommend that use a dehumidifier in the room. This will prevent that the moisture install’s in your equipament of rest. If the environment where you sleep is very dry, install a humidifier in your room, renewing the water every day. Symptoms such as dry throat or nose are signs that the environment is very dry.

Tip 8:  Decor – The main function of a bedroom is to provide relation and wee-being, thus promoting a peaceful and refreshing sleep. We advise you to decorate your bedroom with a nice and cozy decoration.

Tip 9: Take a warm shower - Bathing at the end of the day can help you sleep better.

Tip 10: Lavender: Smelling lavender can soothe you and help you fall asleep because it reduces the heart rate and blood pressure.

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